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Pod "opširnije" pročitajte literalne radove naših učenika na engleskom jeziku.

Valentine`s Day


Friendship and love are nice things, but it`s hard to find a good friend.

That`s why you can give your hand to everyone, but your love only to honest people.


                                                                                                     Ante Zemunik,6b



She is my crush.

She is my love.

She is an arrow in my bow.

She is slim.

She is tall,

And I like her more than my mum.

She fills my heart with gladness,

And takes away all my sadness.

So that`s it. I`ve said it all.

She is my crush.

She is my love.                                                            

                                                     Nikola Ercegović,6b


Me and you

If you love me,

You will find me.

I will love you too.

You bring me a rose, red rose.

I love roses,

You love roses.

I love pink,

You love red.

Bring me your heart,

It`s Valentine`s day.

                                             Evelina Čulić,6b



Why love should always

be about a girl or a boy?

Why not go to the family?

It can go to the family,

but how?

You love your mum,

dad, sister, brother.

They are yours and

no one can take or

steal them from you.

When you are sad, they

comfort you.

They are your friends.

                                                            Evelina Čulić,6b                 



Love is, when you love someone.

When you think about that person,

all the time.

You dream it.

When you see her,

Your heart is beating fast.

Love is,

when you are

indescribably happy,

when you are her something.

Love is the most beautiful thing.

                                                      Marino Petričević,8a


What`s Valentine`s Day for?


      What`s Valentine`s Day for? I ask myself every year. Why giving your lover your attention and time on Valentine`s Day, instead every single day? Why buy them gifts on that one day, instead of on any other day?

     I`ve never realized why schools celebrate it when there is nothing to celebrate about it.

      As a kid, I never understood why is Valentine`s Day so special, but now I know.

      It is a holiday made up by companies so they can make profit from people by selling them chocolate, flowers and teddy bears.

That`s all Valentine`s Day is for.

                                                                                                                                                Ivona Lozić,8b



Valentine`s Day


      Valentine`s Day or Saint Valentine`s Day is celebrated every year on 14th February. It got its name from the priest called Valentine.

Celebrating Valentine`s Day is a very old tradition. I mean, even the Romans had their festival called Lupercalia. It would always start with the boys choosing the names of the girls from the box and for the rest of that day they would pretend to be couples. Later on, the church tried to turn it into a Christian holiday because some of the couples got married after some time.

      Today it is celebrated as a day when you give a gift to a person which is important to you. The usual gifts are: chocolate, dinner in a fancy restaurant or flowers.

      All in all, Valentine`s Day is stressful for those who have a wife or a girlfriend, but very lonely for those who are alone.


                                                                                                                                                       Jozo Pavić,8b
















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